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The 2018 SCSD Bulldog Bytes Camp is two weeks away and we are beyond excited!  The camp dates are July 16-20.  Our team has worked hard over the summer to prepare fun and rewarding activities for your students.  We can’t wait to get started!  As the first day of the camp approaches, please review the reminders below:

1) SIGNED FORMS.  You may recall the two forms (Liability Release and Photo Release) that were sent home for your completion and signatures in May.  These forms must be completed and signed before each child can participate.  Forms that are already completed and signed will expedite the drop-off process on the first morning of camp.  Please note that we will also have printed blank copies of each form available for anyone who needs them. 

2) EMERGENCY CONTACTS & FOOD ALLERGIES.  We will need at least two emergency contacts for each child.  Please have the name and phone number for each emergency contact readily available on the morning of July 16.  Additionally, please let us know as soon as possible if your child has any food allergies as we plan for the daily lunches.

3) WAITING LIST.  There are currently 70 students registered to attend the camp.  If your child can no longer attend, please let us know as soon as possible as there are several children on a waiting list. 

4) RSVP FOR LUNCH ON 7/20.  The closing ceremony for the camp will be held on Friday, 7/20 at 1:00 pm.  The students will be able to demonstrate what they have learned for the week, followed by a luncheon that up to two parents may attend.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend the luncheon.  All responses for the luncheon are due the morning of 7/16. 

Michael Hamilton
Office: (601) 619-5133
Cell: (540) 413-6153
Email: michaelh@iser.msstate.edu

Smith County School District
Office: (601) 782-4296



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Smith County School Board will hold its next scheduled meeting on June 27, 2018, at 3:00 PM at the Smith County Career Center.


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Our purpose, our mission in the Smith County School District is to provide learning opportunities that will challenge and encourage our students to succeed, and enable them to become productive and well adjusted citizens in an ever-changing society.  Recognizing that all students have worth, dignity, and individual needs and talents, we continually strive to adapt the Smith County School District’s education program to encompass a diverse student population.


The mission of our school district also includes instilling in each student those values and attitudes that would develop ethical character, love of country and worthy family membership.  We also believe that we have a responsibility to foster good personal and community health by providing clean, comfortable, safe and attractive school facilities.  We are charged with stressing the development of good personal health habits and providing a nutritious and well-balanced food service.  Finally, we believe that our mission is to adequately prepare students for a successful future in the world of work or additional formal education upon their graduation from our schools.


To obtain these purposes, this district has established these goals:


I.)  To help each child master the skills and obtain the competencies required to function in today’s and tomorrow’s society.


II.) To promote the good health and well being of each student


III.)To prepare each child for entry into college or the job market.





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