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Smith County Gifted Education Program – SCOPE

The Mississippi State Department of Education defines
intellectually gifted children as children and youth who are
found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as
documented through the identification process. The Mississippi
Gifted Education Act of 1989, amended in 1993, mandates that
each public school district within the state provide gifted education
programs in grades 2-6.

Mission Statement

The Smith County School District is committed to the motivation
and guidance of gifted students through enriched, quality education
programs designed to enable the gifted student to achieve their
potential contributions to self and society. Smith County School
District serves intellectually gifted students in the mandated
grades. Each SCOPE student receives a minimum of 5 hours gifted
instruction each week.

Gifted Education Program

Students are taught the following in SCOPE:

1. Higher level thinking skills

2. Creative problem solving

3. Critical thinking skills

4. Research skills

5. Teamwork skills

6. Leadership skills

7. Creative expression

Themes or units are often used to incorporate these skills into a fun and
learning environment. Contracts, games, competitions, and simulations
are also used to meet these overall skills. Students work in small groups,
large groups, and independently on various projects each year. Students are
challenged with many fun and educational activities that aim to broaden
their minds.

Referral Identification Process

A student may be referred by a teacher, administrator, counselor, parent,
peer, self, or any other person having reason to believe that the student may
be intellectually gifted.

Referral, Identification, and Annual Reassessment Process:

1. If the student satisfactorily completes the screening process at his/her
school, the assessment of the student continues.

2. Parents are notified by letter and must sign permission for testing-

3. The student must score at the 95th percentile or above on an individual
intelligence test which is administered by the district psychometrist.

4. If the criteria are met, the student's records are submitted to the Eligibility
Determination Team and eligibility ruling is made.

5. Parents will then be notified by letter if the student has been approved as
eligible for the intellectually gifted program.

6. Students are reassessed annually. A copy of this annual reassessment
report is placed in the student's eligibility folder.

7. If upon reassessment, it is recommended that a student be removed from
the program the parents will be notified. A conference will be scheduled and
parents will be advised of their right to appeal the decision.

When a student transfers to our school district from a school within the state,
a copy of the eligibility ruling must be sent to the Curriculum Office. After
review, appropriate placement will be made following parental permission.
Out-of-state transfers are subject to the Smith County School District's
referral process.

Students attend SCOPE 2 to 3 times a week for a combined total of 5 hours a
week. Students usually attend one morning and one afternoon each week.

Mississippi Association for Gifted Children

This organization is the forerunner of Gifted Education in the state of

MAGC holds an annual meeting in the fall for parents, teachers, and
administrators of gifted children. MAGC also has a Parent Organization
that parents of gifted children may join. Please contact MAGC for more
information at MAGC, P. O. Box 3545, Jackson, MS 39207 or www. msms.
k12. ms. us/MAGC

Smith County School District supports MAGC by sending their Gifted Ed.
teachers to the annual meeting each year. SCOPE teachers are members of


Mize Attendance Center - Mrs. Mechelle Brooks

Raleigh Elementary - Mrs. Cindy Bailey

Mrs. Angela Woodrow angela.woodrow@smithcountyschools.net

Taylorsville Attendance Center- Mrs. LaGatha Kay

Mrs. Angela Woodrow

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